World of Warcraft

The player boosted his character from level 60 to 70 in 33 minutes with a fish

In Dragonflight the players have a lot of different ways of personal progress – level up the character and collect equipment for him – the developers tried to make sure that everyone could find an option to their liking. And this in turn opened up great opportunities for creativity: for example, a German video content creator Ungespielt managed to develop his character from level 60 to 70 in only 33 minutes and 1 second, using not the most expected method:

You can find a fishing teacher named Khoury on Azure Space, who has a series of repetitive assignments to turn in various Dragon Island fish that bring a small amount of experience. Tasks have no limits and can be performed as many times as you like, which the player took advantage of.

Ungespielt bought a lot of scaly-bellied mackerel and Azure pufferfish for a few million gold pieces at an auction, thanks to the inter-server consumables allow it, and handed them over, completing the “Catch and release: scaly-bellied mackerel” and “Catch and release: Azure pufferfish” tasks at Khuri many times until he got level 70. The player also benefited from the boosts from War Mode and the New Moon Fair. The tasking process was automated, but still took about half an hour to complete.

In fact, the pumping took a little longer, because we had to somehow accumulate gold and buy up and send all the materials to the right character, although he could just buy currency for real money with a WoW Token. It is noteworthy that the total playing time /played by the character at the time of obtaining level 70 was 39 minutes – up to 60 he developed with the help of the level upgrade service, and another 6 minutes were spent on the road.