Overwatch 2

The leading designer of Overwatch 2 heroes answered some questions about balance

Last week, Alec Dawson, the lead character designer for Overwatch 2, held a short Q&A session on his Twitter, quenching his followers’ thirst for knowledge. The developer briefly talked about some upcoming plans and possible changes for the characters:

  • Developers may continue experimenting in the Lab in the future.
  • The developers are preparing a big reworking of Brigitta’s superpowers, but it will take some time, because it will affect both gameplay and visual aspects of the game.
  • The developers plan to add more support heroes to the game to increase the popularity of the role, as well as tweaking and balancing the existing ones.
  • Right now, the following support heroes are most often taken in Grandmaster: Kiriko, Mercy, Ana, and Lucio.
  • The developers are reworking Wreckingball and Sombra and are experimenting with some changes at the moment, but significant adjustments are likely to be forthcoming.
  • Mercy, Ana, Doomfist, Roadhog, Junker Queen and Genji are also being actively monitored. In particular, the support heroes should be improved survivability, because after the appearance of Sojourn they were under great pressure, and the tanks in some aspects too strong.
  • The developers are happy with the rate of charging superpowers and the fact that when you change heroes again need to fill it up, and do not plan any changes in this aspect.