Diablo 4

The 20 Battle Pass levels in the “Ultimate Edition” of Diablo IV are purely cosmetic

Diablo IV will be released on June 6, 2023, and already now the latest ARPG from Blizzard can be pre-ordered in standard, extended and super full versions, so you can get advantages and bonuses like early access to beta testing and the game itself, as well as a variety of digital bonuses:

The most comprehensive version, the “Ultimate Edition,” like the Digital Deluxe Edition, contains a premium version of the combat pass, and on top of that there are also 20 levels for it, allowing the player to instantly get all the rewards of its early stages of development without the gradual opening and get started on pumping higher levels faster.

One of Blizzard CEO Mike Ibarra’s subscribers asked him if those 20 levels gave him an in-game advantage over those who wouldn’t buy the extended version of the game or the Combat Pass at all. He confirmed that, as announced a couple of months ago, the Combat Pass brings only cosmetic rewards and no in-game benefits. Basically, players will receive cosmetic rewards directly, as well as in-game currency to buy cosmetic items from the store, which do not affect the character’s power.