‘Scratch Mart’- bringing scratch off games to a new level – Novogoma – NeoGames Network

‘Scratch Mart’- bringing scratch off games to a new level – Novogoma – NeoGames Network

Novogoma is a subsidiary of Neogames, the global leader of online scratch cards and internet lottery games.

Novogoma has captured the ingenuity and essence of the Neogames product and taken it to the next level by introducing the social entertainment aspect to the games.

Scratch Mart, is Novogoma’s first social game which holds a large portfolio of scratch-off based games. These highly interactive, richly graphical games consist of various progressive levels, allowing the player to enjoy an arrangement of themes, based on the beloved scratch-off experience. Unlike any other scratch-off games, in Scratch Mart players are able to play along with their friends and meet new ones by competing over the leader board and sending gifts to help their friends progress in the game. Features such as these as well as the player experience make Scratch Mart stand above the rest.

Oded Gottfried, Novogoma CEO: ‘Within the Social Gaming arena, it appears that the scratch-off spot has been forgotten and remained untapped. The combination of Neogames’s strength and wealth of knowledge in the gaming industry as well as Novogoma’s expertise in the social world has allowed us to produce the most advanced social scratch-off game to date.’

Charging full steam ahead, Novogoma will soon be launching its mobile and tablet versions, while expanding its product line with more thrilling gambling games.