World of Warcraft

Bonuses and benefits for trade connoisseurs in Dragonflight dungeons

As was the case, for example, in Legion and, in some ways, in Shadowlands with covenants, connoisseurs of certain crafts can get small bonuses in Dragonflight dungeons that slightly help their group in making it through. For the most part, these bonuses are rather weak, but still have some practical use, so it makes sense to use them:

Note that you need to have at least a level 25 crafting skill on Dragon Islands to activate the bonus.

Neltarius: Blacksmithing and Culinary

Smithing connoisseurs in the area in front of the Chief Blacksmith Gorek can find a Goulash Kualashi cauldron, which when used will restore health and increase movement speed by 65% for 50 sec.
Connoisseurs of the Blacksmith’s Craft, after defeating the Blacksmith Master Gorek, can climb to his anvil and forge his “Blazing Aegis,” which gives the character an extra action button that he can use to hurl the aegis at enemies – upon impact it will explode and deal damage in the surrounding area in the form of a cross in the spirit of the boss’ own skill.

Chambers of Saturation: Herbalism and Engineering

Herbalists can find green mushrooms in the areas of Gambit Kajin and Reception Tanks that, when used, spread Purifying Spores to all nearby group members and impose a 30 minute effect, scattering one poison and disease effect every 5 sec.
Engineering connoisseurs at the very beginning of the dungeon, the Nascent Rotunda, to the left of the entrance, can discover the Limited Immortality Generator, which when used will impose a 60-minute “Limited Immortality” effect on all group members, which will save a character from death once in case of lethal damage.

Hollow of Buroshkurs: Alchemy

Alchemy experts can purify Rot Cauldrons, turning them into Purifying Cauldrons, from which any member of the group can then take a vial of Purifying Rot, gaining an additional skill button, which when used will dispel one disease effect from themselves. The button only lasts for 5 minutes, but a new vial can be taken from the cauldron at any time, and there are several such cauldrons in the dungeon, so there’s no problem using the bonus.

Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr: Mining

Mining experts throughout the dungeon can find and develop crumbling ore veins that will unlock and allow you to use one of several Lost Folios of Tyr, which will grant a bonus to movement speed outside of combat for all members of the group.

Azure Vault: Inscription

Wizards of Inscription in the Azure Blade and Gray-Winged Telash area can read the Books of Translocation, which will allow you to reconfigure Wild Magic’s transforming rune-like traps on the floor so that they act on opposing creatures instead of players.